Our Volunteers

A Special Thanks to Everyone Who Helps Make This Possible

Brian Tuohy, Logistics Manager
Dr. Dianne Kelly, Sample Sale Director

Sample Sale Operations

Kathy Finn, Kerrie Griffin, Sandra Tandanico, Will Smith, Ernie Humphrey, Sample Sale Girls, Dottie Baxter, Laura Azar, Cam Walsh, Corrine, Kendra & Michelle Griffin, Leah Finn, Mary Lou McCarthy, Karalyn Clancy, Lisa Noonan, Jane Cavaleri, Nicole Mikshenas, Sue, Jackie & Ali Carver, Bonnie & Joanna McInnis, Dawn Gillis, Denise Sousa, Tricia Lyons, Tracey Doyle, Carolyn Kain, Joanne & Caroline Tranford, Stacey & Meaghan Larkin, Peggy McLaughlin, Kelly Butts, Tricia Argus, Tricia Stock, Phyllis Burke, Marianne Mehr, Evie Leahy, Noreen Kelly, and Kathy Barrett

And an additional thanks to…

Marian Keady, Pat Hayden, Ryan & Lauren Delaney, Cindy Strong, Brian Larkin, Matt Daley, Pete Simonelli, Cam Walsh, Laura Azar, Karalyn Clancy, MaryLou Musto, MaryEllen Callahan, Corinne & Kerrie Griffin, Lisa Noonan

Our Volunteers

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