Patriot Week

Leading the Next Generation

Mass Fallen Heroes and InnoVets developed an educational program to teach high school students about Memorial Day. We send a team of Veterans and Gold Star Family members to each school to share their experiences and to explain the significance of the day. In addition to the speaking series, we play a professionally edited video with various scenes and interviews to fully capture the message. After the video and speaking, the students and faculty are allowed to ask questions to learn more. After the total presentation (estimated length of 45 minutes) the students are then challenged to engage their community in a civic project. Projects are completely voluntary but are meant to inspire the students to carry forth the lessons learned in a community service project for Memorial Day.

Program Curriculum

Honor. Service. Sacrifice. Character. Duty.

These are the traits we strive to pass on to the next generation through our high school educational program.

The 45-60 minute program is broken up into the four parts:

  • 1. Introduction of Gold Star Family Member(s)

    First, we introduce a Gold Star Family member and allow them to talk about their lost loved one, and how he or she exemplified those five traits.

  • 2. Video

    We then show them a video where Veterans and Gold Star Family members discuss what it means to be a hero and how heroes demonstrate the five traits.

  • 3. Questions & Answers

    From there, we allow students to ask questions about and discuss the meaning of the five traits.

  • 4. The Challenge

    Lastly, we introduce the students to a challenge with a community service focus.

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