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Host Committee


John Hynes IV
Boston Global Investors

Yanni Tsipis
WS Development

Stephen DiPrete
South Shore Bank

Host Committee

Mike Aldred
Senator Collins

David Andrews
New England Patriots

Peter Barista
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Patricia Bean
Eastern Insurance

Kevin Benedix

Molly Broderick

Bill Burke
Burke Distributing Corporation

Bob Butler
Local 17

Tom Butler
Select Tile

Stacy Cawley
WS Development

John Cody
Local 17

Andrew Cohen

Tim Cullinan

Matt Daly
HUB International

Ryan Denver
Select Companies

Michael Devin

Dan DiMatteo
EVO Real Estate

Chris Donohue
Mass State Police Association

Max Esposito
Sweet Rickey

Jesse Flynn
MFH Staff

Zach Gramlich

Paul Grant
G&P Boston Properties

Patrick Guinee

Bob Hallinan
MFH Board

Richard Hayward
Boston Firefighters Credit Union

Tom Hoffman
KAF Financials

John Hynes
Boston Global Investors

Patrik Jonsson
Higher Collective

Steve Kelley
Fenway Sports Management

Steven Kelly
Timberline Construction

Marc Knowlton
State Street Corporation

Nick Kolivas
Wellington Management Company

Dan Lewin

Arthur Mabbett
Mabbett & Associates, Inc.

Chris Marchese
Boston Sword and Tuna

Pat Mcnamara

Kris Meyer
Mudd House Media

Laura Mooney
Hanscom Federal Credit Union

Peter Rice
Hanscom Federal Credit Union

Brian Shortsleeve
M33 Growth

Bill Sinnott
Hinkley Allen

Jerome Smith

Maggie Wilson
Fox Rock Capital

Rick Wolverton
Global LP

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“We are here because we are supposed to be here. Because we owe it to them; we swore we would never forget. We have a creed that says we will leave no man behind. If we did not take the time to HONOR them, we would be leaving them behind. If we did not work to SUPPORT the Gold Star Families, we would be leaving them behind. If we did not work hard to EMPOWER the Veterans that served alongside them, we would be leaving them behind.”

Master Sergeant Gregory Kelly
President and Co-Founder Massachusetts Fallen Heroes
19th Special Forces Group (Airborne), U.S. Army