Patriot Week 2017, May 20th – 29th

Massachusetts Fallen Heroes Patriot Week

In 2016, Massachusetts Fallen Heroes created the first ever Patriot Week as a lead-in to Memorial Day. The goal was to find creative and meaningful ways to educate and inspire the citizens of Massachusetts about Honor, Service, Sacrifice, Character and Duty—the real meaning behind Memorial Day and the values that so many young men and women have given their lives to protect. The result was an enormous success and we received positive feedback across the Commonwealth and now Patriot Week will be an annual and much-needed event in the Bay State.

MFH will launch it’s 2nd Annual Educational Program on May 15th. Our intent is to educate our youth on the significance of memorial Day, and to raise awareness of the ongoing increasing commercialization of this sacred holiday. We feel strongly that with communication and education, amongst our society is the best way to incorporate positive and healthy change. We have tripled in numbers with participating schools across the Commonwealth.

Please visit the Patriot Week website for event details. Learn how you can honor our fallen and support the families they left behind. Empower your returning Veterans who are transitioning back into civilian life after protecting your freedom.

Party On the Lawn, May 20th – Patriot Fest will be headlined by American country music singers and songwriters Tyler Farr and Eric Paslay and supported by Dalton and the Sheriffs and Louie Bello. $40.00 per person, must be 21. Purchase today at TicketMaster.