MFH Announces Filing of Boston Home Rule Petition to Adopt All-Encompassing Paid Military Leave

  • Ensures adequate paid military leave for City of Boston employees currently serving as National Guardsmen or Military Reservists while activated, deployed, in training or drills on Title 32 or Title 10 orders.
  • Establishes parity to benefits enjoyed by State employees.
  • Prevents the City of Boston from reducing paid military leave via unilateral policy changes.

BOSTON, Mass. – Aug 14, 2023 – Massachusetts Fallen Heroes® (MFH) announced today the filing of the Boston Home Rule Petition to Adopt MGL Chapter 33, section 59, Paid Military Leave by Boston City Council President Ed Flynn and 11 other Boston City councilors.

This Home Rule Petition authorizes City of Boston employees who serve in the National Guards or Military Reserves activated on Title 32 or Title 10 orders (active duty orders) for more than 30 consecutive days to receive paid leave for the first 40 days of active duty. It will also mandate that the City provide 40 days of paid military leave per federal fiscal year for Guard and Reservists for drills, training and parade duties.

The City of Boston’s recently revised paid military leave policy provides that activated or deployed service members receive only differential pay between their city salary and military compensation for the entirety of their active duty. As such, members must take a pay cut compared to their counterparts employed by the State or many other neighboring cities and towns across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that have already adopted this policy. There is no justification for City of Boston employees who are deployed in dangerous situations to be paid significantly less than fellow employees on customary training, drills, or parades.

In addition to leveling the playing field, this Home Rule petition takes politics out of paid military leave by preventing the City of Boston from cutting service member pay while activated or deployed. Furthermore, its adoption will provide the city and its employees a conclusive pay leave policy that will prevent confusion and inconsistent interpretation, and provide a clear course of action for fair implementation. Providing appropriate paid military leave in a consistent manner to City of Boston employees only serves to benefit not just our service members but our community as a whole. Such a policy is likely to increase retention in the Reserves and National Guard which in turn ensures the protection of our community in the event of natural disasters and civil unrest.

“Our National Guard and Reserve service members make significant personal sacrifices to serve the state of Massachusetts and our nation, especially when activated or deployed. We owe it to them and their families to ensure they do not suffer financial hardship. This home rule petition solidifies a vital benefit for all city employees who serve our nation’s military,” said Jesse Flynn, Program Director, MFH. “By providing paid military leave in a consistent manner to city employees, we are not only helping to alleviate the stress of financial burdens, we are setting up our service men and women for success as they continue to serve our communities. We appreciate Council President Flynn’s continued dedication to all City of Boston’s employees, service members, Veterans and their families. We are grateful to the city council for coming together in support of this petition.”