Veterans Day Leadership Forum

November 1st, 2017

Mass Fallen Heroes dedicated Veteran’s Edge Program is pleased to announce our inaugural Veterans Day Leadership Forum to rethink the way we view Veteran employment initiatives.

The panel will feature Veterans and Community Leaders who will discuss Veteran Unemployment, Underemployment, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. Each of our distinguished panelists has a unique experience key to developing new approaches to encourage Veterans and companies on their path to Empower Veterans.

The Panel

  • SSG Ryan Pitts USA, Medal of Honor Recipient
  • James McDonough CEO, Randolph Savings Bank
  • Michael Devin USMC, Mass Fallen Heroes Veteran’s Edge
  • Brendan Hamm USMC, Raytheon
  • Chris Grace USMC, PWC
  • Chris Rolfe USAF, Bain & Company

Moderated By:

 Thomas Lyons USMC, Semper Fi Society

November 10, 2017 
101 Seaport Blvd, South Boston, MA 02210
1300 – 1500
November 8, 2017

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This forum will also serve as the official announcement and launch of

Mass Fallen Heroes New Program: InnoVets