Our online auction for low number Massachusetts Fallen Heroes license plates opens at 10AM on Nov 1, 2017. Low plate numbers ranging from 1 – 98 are available for auction to the highest bidder for a short time until November 13th.

You can now order a Fallen Heroes specialty plate online directly from the RMV HERE. Or visit any full service RMV to order in person.  Please do not send applications to our office. New orders must be placed through the RMV online or in person.

 The initial registration fee is $40, of which $12 goes to cover the state’s production cost of the plate and $28 returns to MFH. Note that your $28 is a tax-deductible charitable donation! There is an additional one-time $20 swap fee charged by the state when applicants pick up their plate at their local RMV. A renewal fee set by the State of Massachusetts will be due every two years. For future renewals, the entire fee is tax-deductible and will support the programs and services of MFH, with 25% supporting the Disabled American Veterans Department of Massachusetts transportation program.

Please help make your vehicle a rolling tribute to those who have sacrificed all, and to support Massachusetts Veterans and Families of the Fallen!

Already have a Fallen Heroes specialty plate, or don’t own a vehicle? Support Mass Fallen Heroes through an online donation.

Frequently Asked Questions


No, anyone can purchase this plate and show their respect for our Fallen Heroes and support Veterans and Families of the Fallen.

The special plates are renewed every two years, just like regular license plates.

Revenue generated from the license plate will be used for funding the Massachusetts Fallen Heroes Memorial and vital programs and services for Families of the Fallen and Veterans through our Veterans Edge program. Additionally, 25% of the proceeds will go toward funding the Disabled American Veterans Department of Massachusetts to help fund their transportation program.

No, anyone with a car registered in the state of Massachusetts may purchase the Massachusetts Fallen Heroes specialty plate.

These plates are for passenger vehicles only. In addition, your registration must be active and in good standing. You must be the registered owner of the vehicle.

Not yet. There is legislation being proposed that would allow commercial vehicles to be able to have a specialty plate.

Yes, however you must purchase at the RMV. Leased vehicles cannot order online.

Not yet. There is legislation being proposed that would allow motorcycles to be able to have a specialty plate.

  1. ONLINE Order your plate here
  2.  Or visit any full service RMV to order your plate in person..

If you pre-ordered a plate, you should have received a letter from the RMV detailing where and how to pick up  your plates.

Please remember to bring the following when you go:
  1. The letter you received from the RMV
  2. Your current plates that you are swapping.
  3. $20 swap fee for the state (it must be in the form of cash or check).
  4. A Massachusetts RMV-3 form from your insurance carrier. If you call them to request it, they typically can furnish it via e-mail or fax quite quickly — it is a standard form. Please indicate you are requesting it for a plate swap.

Send or email an updated application along with a brief explanation to Massachusetts Fallen Heroes info@massfallenheroes.org. Do not send your new application to MassDOT.

Yes, as long as none of the information on the originally submitted application has changed.

Please contact the Massachusetts Fallen Heroes at info@massfallenheroes.org or call 617-326-6042